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On the hunt


A king was friends with a wise doctor. They spent years hunting together, talking about the world as they walked. The king was intrigued by the doctor’s optimistic view that events always worked out for the best.
One day while they went out hunting, the doctor’s rifle went off by accident.The bullet hit the king’s hand. The doctor had to amputate two fingers. The king was so angry that he had is friend thrown into the dungeon.
Later, the king went hunting without his friend for the first time, and his party was attacked by savages who carried them back to their village.
The king realized that they planned to eat him. They ignored his promises of riches if they freed him. First they ate all the other members of the hunting party, but when they came to the king, they noticed that his hand was missing two fingers.
Their tradition demanded that they not harm anyone with an amputated limb, so they freed the king.
When he got back to his castle the king was so relieved that he freed the doctor. The next day he told his friend the story, and added, “If not for you cutting off my fingers, I might have been killed.”
The doctor was happy for the king. “You see, that proves my point about things always happening for the best.”
“But what about you?” the king cried. “You spent months in a dungeon. How did that work out the best for you?”
The doctor smiled. “If I hadn’t been in the dungeon, I might have been out hunting with you.”

My aim as a writer is to entertain you. If this brought a smile, please share.

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