Famous Books and Famous Authors. 5 Questions & 5 Answers

How do you find the best undiscovered Famous Books and Famous Authors

(To Be).


1. Does everything you read seem to be repetition?

2. Do you feel like you are listening to a parrot?

3. Where are the GREAT NEW READS?

4. The Best Mystery Novels?

5. How do I find the next Tom Clancy, Louis L’Amour or Vince Flynn?

Read This Before You Buy Your Next Book!
I could spend a fortune buying new “undiscovered books” only to be disappointed  and discard after only a few chapters. Sound familiar??

BUT I LOVE TO READ. Help me Hermes Thou Wise God of Words. Help me find a solution. But my thoughts are interrupted, Is that a whisper I hear? But no, it couldn’t be, I must be imagining things, for I am alone.

Spppnncer I hear in a soft voice. “What”? I say. I must be mad I am talking to an imaginary voice. “Spencer”? say I, trying again. I search the room my eyes wide. Then I hear the faint voice again, haawkkkk. I jump up from my seat. I shout out, “Spencer Hawke” never heard of him, I exclaim loudly. I am met with silence. I pace determinedly to my computer, pull up Google, type in Spencer Hawke.

Out pops the result – Spencer Hawke – A Storyteller. No say I to myself, that couldn’t be. Who the HECK IS SPENCER HAWKE?

“Why should I spend my money on a no name, never heard of him.” Say you. “Exactly.” say I.

Five Answers

1. I’ll post weekly excerpts from my novels. So you can get to know my style and me. Won’t cost you a nickel.

2. I’ll do my best to earn your loyalty.

3. If you join my newsletter list I will not betray your faith. I will keep it confidential.

4. Every week, Friday night I will post a new episode/installment of my books. These are just “tasters” not necessarily in the order they appear in my books.

5. I will produce my stories in a format to please nearly all. Digital, paperback and in Large Font for the visually impaired as well as audio versions for download and purchase as CD’s.

The first 25 people who  sign up for my newsletter(Sorry sold out already – Sign up for my newsletter for immediate notice of my next giveaway) will receive  a FREE audio CD’s (2) of my latest recording, “The Journey of the Bell” by Spencer Hawke. Email me using the sign up form below, after your first name write Bell. I will email you back to get mailing address or I can send an MP3. If your last name is Bell, write first name, followed by Bell, Bell!!! (ps. If you don’t have a sense of humor we are in trouble!)


 The Ari Cohen Series Now Available in Large Font for the Visually Impaired in Digital and Paperback Formats.

New York Times’ most popular articles this week headline Donald Trump Stumbling, the Kentucky same sex marriage controversy, Tom Brady’s softie. Nowhere do I see the Syrian Migrant family or the young body washed ashore in Turkey.


Because we, as humans avoid emotionally traumatic situations.. We PRETEND it’s not happening. Is that why Child Trafficking and the Human Organ Blackmarket business is thriving. If we DON’T pay attention it WILL be on our doorstep soon.

For now the next episode of “The Forgotten”. (Episode 2-6 are still up on



Look closely. You might think your eyes are playing games with you. Episode 7 of “The Forgotten” by Spencer Hawke is a frightening tale. Renee, kidnapped in Paris while on vacation with her family in France.

It only takes a moment of inattention, then horror can strike.

Episodes 1 – 6  tells the story relived by many children every year. One moment they are happily ensconced with their family, the next they are living a nightmare they can’t understand or fathom. Their very lives hanging in the balance. Many of us too immersed in our “perfect” little lives to even imagine the atrocities some children must face.

The Answer Renee Feared

“Where is the girl?” Renee couldn’t help but demand the answer. “What did you do to her?”

She got no response as her jailer turned around and disappeared, closing the door behind him and taking with him the lamp, the sudden deafening silence interrupted only by water dripping from the walls of her prison cell.

Renee began to scream. She couldn’t help herself. “Where is the girl?! What have you done to her?” She repeated the questions over and over in an ever increasing pitch, her terror rising with the fervor of her pleas.

When she heard the voice in the darkness, a voice of utter despair, emotionless. Renee’s mind snapped. “The girl is dead. Be good, or they’ll kill you, too.”


Ari CohenDavid Gray gently closed the door to Gautier’s office and walked over to the elevator to press the down button. Thoughts blazed through his mind, creating his to-do list. But first thing’s first – as soon as he was out of the building, he needed to call Ari. The rest could wait.

As he descended in the elevator, he dialed Ari’s number, holding his mobile phone and waiting to clear the ground floor of Interpol. As soon as he was in the clear, he hit send to connect the call; he could hardly contain his excitement.

“Ari, it’s David… JACKPOT!”

“David, thank heavens. What did you find out?”
“I told you Jade sent me over to talk to the Director of Human Trafficking at Interpol. I think she might have ID’d your main suspect. If we can get to him, we might be able to find Renee.”

Ari stood on the bridge of the Sea Wolfe, making it’s way south in the Indian Ocean.
“Bless you, David. Where are you?”

“I am on my way to the airport in Lyon; I need to report back to the President in DC. By the way, how did you get her involved in your operation?”

“That wasn’t me; that was the Raven.”

Gray smiled. “I knew he couldn’t stay under the radar forever.”

“You knew he had a direct line to your wife?” Ari asked.

Gray laughed. “He’s not the first … unsavory character … to have made his way to Jade’s doorstep with important information. You know he helped with the operation against his brother. I came home to find him cooking in Jade’s kitchen. Nice guy, actually.”


“What? You’re surprised she befriended a guy like that and brought out the best in him?”

“Of course not,” Ari said laughing slightly. “I’m surprised he could find anything in her kitchen worth cooking!”

Gray felt his heart fill with Ari’s small bit of humor, thinking to himself. We’ve got some answers, another lead in case Renee isn’t in Zanzibar. Now Ari can breathe and do what he does best.

“I’ll be sure to tell her you were so astonished.”

The laughter from Ari ended abruptly. “You wouldn’t dare.”

It was Gray’s turn to laugh. “I swear, even if that woman weren’t the President of the United States, we’d both still be afraid of her.”

Ari nodded solemnly but not without mirth on his end of the line. “So tell me more about the good news?”

“I think we have located the African connection to the trafficking business; a guy called Tippu Tip out of Zanzibar runs it. He’s going to meet his lieutenants in South Africa this week.”




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