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One of my Favorite Authors is Dan Brown. I am Fascinated by History. Not the Standard Nefarious Activities of Kings, but the Secrets and Affairs of Hidden Societies. The Knight’s Templars and Secret Brotherhoods have always intrigued me.

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The first book I read from Dan Brown was the DaVinci Code, featuring Robert Langdon. He is a regular guy, not some super hero. This story is an International Intrigue featuring Lost Symbols and Ancient Secret Brotherhoods..   Perhaps, this is why I wrote “The Mystery of the Dead Sea Scroll-Revealed” under my Spencer Hawke Pseudonym. This weeks excerpt is from this story. But REMEMBER when you invest in my book The Forgotten By Spencer Hawke, $1.00 goes to fund agencies fighting against Human Trafficking and Child Exploitation.

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1. Buying a Starbucks Frappuccino?


2. Or Knowing YOU Made a Contribution to Help Children Kidnapped by Traffickers?

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According to the International Organization for Migration 20,000 victims are Kidnapped in Mexico annually. The majority are young girls, forced into prostitution. Quite often taken to large U.S. Cities.. Authorities say a growing number are targeted online. Read This Before You Buy Your Next Book!

As you know I have been sending free samples of The Forgotten by Spencer Hawke to raise awareness of this terrible blight of Child Exploitation and to raise money for worthy causes. But next week, while my crusade to help will continue, I will talk about another one of my Best Books and a Great New Read.

“Mystery of the Dead Sea Scrolls – Revealed” by Spencer Hawke.

Two of the Biggest Mysteries of Biblical History have always fascinated me.

How did the Dead Sea Scrolls get to the Mountains of Qumran?

Who put them there?

If you ever plan on going to Israel, visit Jerusalem or are a Biblical history buff, learning about the mysteries of Judea in Jesus’ times is a wise investment of your time. You can study the Torah, or as an alternate choice:

For your reading pleasure I present,

“Mysteries of the Dead Sea Scrolls – Revealed”

A fictional story of what might have happened.

It had been a dry year; all the water holes he had tried bore no moisture. In desperation, he had driven his goats to Devil's pass. It always had the freshest, tastiest water. His flock began to smell the water before they entered the canyon. Their pace quickened, their ears tensing, they brayed loudly to each other.
Zayed had tried to listen for any sound of the pack as he passed. He heard nothing, nor did he see any fresh tracks, so he decided to risk it, take his goats to the watering hole.
It wasn't until later that he heard the faint high pitched yelping of hyena cubs calling their parents, telling them to bring food. By then it was too late, night had descended, he had started his campfire and his flock had come in close to him, as if they smelled the danger.
A southerly breeze picked up, bringing the sound of excited pups sensing their parents’ arrival. His flock gathered closer, it was now dark, even the light from the stars was partially hidden by the mountains. The wind gathered speed, as it squeezed through the pass it whistled, Zayed could hear a whistling scraping sound, it was eerie, so scary he decided to hold his orphan baby goat, Noora, close to his side. He nuzzled her face with his own. He was tired, but now he dared not close his eyes.
He added more wood to his fire. He was almost in a trancelike state, the sensation of holding his baby goat together with the warmth from the flames, put him into a shallow sleep. Even in his dozing state, there was no rest, he dreamed of his father, wagging his finger at him, "Zayed don't you ever forget what I have told you about Devil's pass, it has been the ruin of many a shepherd."
His dream was so realistic he awoke scared, with a slight sweat, he looked around to see if his father was there watching him. That was when he realized he was in real trouble, his hope for a quiet evening by the campfire, was dashed. He knew then that he was going to have to face his father, tell him that he had disobeyed his most ardent advice.
As he looked around the campfire he thought he saw the first sign that his life was going to change, he shuddered in fright. He wasn't sure, but for a moment he thought he saw two bright spots, like embers from his fire in the darkness. But these bright spots seemed to be less bright than embers, like looking into the soulless gates of hades.
Zayed shook in fright, he saw eyes, and they were moving, circling his camp. Then a second pair of eyes in the darkness…and those eyes did not belong to any of his goats.
He stood up, still hold tight to Noora. His fear was palpable now, he knew the mistake he had made; his father would never forgive him. But still the eyes circled his camp. He heard a wild yelp, followed by an evil laughing sound, as if the 'sentry' hyenas were calling the other members of the pack.
"Dinner time!" they seemed to bark out. His goats sensed it too as they huddled together so closely he could have walked over the herd without touching the ground. His flock looked around nervously, as if sensing that an attack by the desert's most feared predator was imminent.
Suddenly, the sounds of wild hyenas filled the air and the night was ripped apart with the screaming of goats and the “whooping” laugh of the savage beasts. Zayed could hear the hyenas barking and yapping at each other as they attacked the goat herd with a vengeance.
His goats began jumping over each other in an attempt to get away from their attackers. Zayed tried his best to keep the herd together, hoping to drive away the hyenas, but feared his efforts were wasted.
“Ha! Ha!” he screamed into the darkness, trying to herd his goats and waiving his shepherd’s crook at the hyenas in a sad attempt to drive them away.
Over the next few minutes, the chaos and confusion continued as the goats were attacked and bitten. He thought he saw Noora's mother, the mother that had abandoned Noora, go down. She struggled wildly, bravely, but a second hyena charged in, ripped open her abdomen. The whooping laugh of the pack reached fever pitch, Zayed could watch no more. He knew he needed to do something, but what?
Zayed decided to make a run for it, he picked up his crook and took a whack at some of the hyenas, they just laughed at him. Those soulless eyes turning to look at him, while their jaws dripped with blood and entrails swung with their every movement.
He called out to the surviving members of his flock. "Shu, shu, shu!" he tried to bellow bravely, but his flock hardly noticed. He tried harder, shouting as loudly as he could, soon some of his charge started to follow; he increased his speed trying to keep the rest of the herd safe as they scrambled through the darkness.
As if matters could not be any worse, he felt the wind pick up. It now whistled loudly through the confines of the canyon walls. The wind began to feel heavy with moisture. Zayed knew what that meant; his years of living in the desert taught him about the heavy air at this time of year. He knew a sandstorm was about to pass through their area – but not just any sandstorm.





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