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Many Years ago in an airport departure lounge, waiting on a plane to an island in the Caribbean, William Buckley, Jr. walked in. He was carrying a briefcase, full of what I was sure, were  important documents. He chose a table fairly close to me, opened his briefcase, pulled out a bottle of white wine and a glass.  I, quite flabbergasted watched him finish off his wine just as the Boarding First Class Passengers was announced…

Now you know two of my favorite authors,William Buckley and Dan Brown. I have been drinking wine ever since, but my writing and my wit is not quite to the standard of these “Masters of the Quill.”


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Human Trafficking and Human Trafficking stories are ALL OVER THE NEWS. As you pick up your copy of Dan Brown’s DaVinci Code or Inferno, savoring a nice glass of wine, Don’t Forget: To Make a Difference, Go Here For your reading pleasure I present, Excerpt 3 “Mysteries of the Dead Sea Scrolls – Revealed”

Excerpt 3 A fictional story of what might have happened.
Eventually, they had the stone rolled back, and Jesus turned to the opened entrance. Bowing his head, he said a silent prayer, then out loud he said, “Lazarus, come forth!”
The crowd was too surprised to do anything. They probably thought Jesus mad. Everyone stared, amazed at his audacity, and all was quiet as they waited for whatever was going to happen next. Everyone except Jesus, of course, was surprised when a faint shuffling sound came from the cave, then more unidentifiable noises of movement.
The first people to see dropped to their knees in supplication, while those farther back in the crowd waited in anticipation. When they, too, were able to see, they fell to the ground in worship, as well. Lazarus was walking out, still wrapped in his grave clothes.
Martha and Mary looked at Lazarus, then at Jesus with total astonishment. They, too, dropped to their knees, bending over, their heads almost touching the ground as they gave thanks. Jesus walked off while they were all too awestruck to do or say anything other than pray.

“What is the meaning of this ‘miracle’?” raged the High Priest.
Only the Sadducees had been absent from the raising of Lazarus. When they heard that Jesus was coming, they had stayed away. This rabbi, with his simple ways and “divine” message, was eroding the power base of the church and something must be done.
But they had heard the news. “If the villagers believe that this ‘Jesus’ is more powerful or the true Messiah, where will that leave us?” asked one priest.
“They will stop their tithes and offerings! The church will wither and die. Surely the Lord cannot endure this false prophet!’ screamed another.
“The ‘miraculous’ raising of Lazarus from the dead is a complication. We are losing our influence among the people,” the High Priest said, trying to calm the situation. “We cannot continue to have our popularity and power eroded by these ‘miracles’ of Jesus.”
“What do you propose we do? My last assembly was almost empty, everybody wanted to go see Lazarus!” shouted another priest. “I cannot keep up my tithes to the council of priests if my believers are not tithing anymore!”
The Highest Priest of the meeting had had enough. There was nothing to be done immediately with this upstart Jesus, but there must be something done here and now.
“Lazarus is too popular; we must get rid of him,” he said. “We need to have him killed, but it must look like an accident – perhaps a highway robbery gone awry – but it cannot be known to have come from us.
“If we keep track of his movements,” he added, “then, when the time is right, we can let it be known there is a reward for his head.”

Lazarus' Home in Bethany, Judea - 31 A.D.

“I can hardly believe my eyes, Lazarus! You are with us again. I have heard all types of stories about you. Is it true? Jesus raised you from the dead?"
Lazarus sat in his humble home with his good friend Barnabus. After his resurrection, he was well known throughout the land and those who did not personally witness Jesus' miracle at the tomb seemed to form a never-ending line of well-wishers. They all wanted to see a piece of the miracle for their selves – to see that Lazarus was, in fact, alive again.
But here was Barnabus – a dear friend who had waited until everyone else had gone. A Levite and a native of Cyprus, he had inherited land that he sold, and gave the proceeds to the church in Jerusalem. On his way back from his generous donation, he stopped in Bethany to visit Lazarus. As the crowd had dwindled, he entered the home of his old friend, and Lazarus greeted him with open arms.
"It is amazing – a miracle – but if what I hear is true, I may not live for long. The Sadducee high priests are so angry and jealous that they have put a price on my head," Lazarus said.
"Then we must get out of town! You are not safe in Judea. Where do you want to go?" Barnabus had already devoted his life to helping persecuted Jews, so his offer of aid was natural and immediate.
Lazarus had been dreaming often since his resurrection, unsure sometimes if what he saw was just a dream or a vision, but he did believe he had been saved for a purpose. He was ready to serve if he could just figure out what he was meant to do.
"I had a dream that I should go to Salamis, in your homeland,” he told Barnabus. ‘There we must teach Jesus' ways and build a temple for his followers."

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