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Are you doing ANYTHING to help victims of human traffickers and child exploitation?

Want a Weekly Peek Before You Buy?

Want an easy way to help? Go Here   Want to know what I am doing about it? Go Here.   According to the International Organization for Migration, 20,000 victims are Kidnapped and Trafficked in Mexico each year….   The majority are young girls, forced into prostitution. Quite often taken to large U.S. Cities.. Authorities say a growing number are being targeted online.   As you know I have been sending free samples of The Forgotten to raise awareness of this terrible blight of Child Exploitation and to raise money for worthy causes. But next week, while my crusade to help will continue, I will talk about another one of my Best Books and a Great New Read.  

“Mystery of the Dead Sea Scrolls – Revealed” by Spencer Hawke.

Two of the Biggest Mysteries of Biblical History have always fascinated me.

How did the Dead Sea Scrolls get to the Mountains of Qumran?

Who put them there?

If you ever plan on going to Israel, visit Jerusalem or are a Biblical history buff, learning about the mysteries of Judea in Jesus’ times is a wise investment of your time. You can study the Torah, or as an alternate choice: 

For your reading pleasure I present,

“Mysteries of the Dead Sea Scrolls – Revealed”

A fictional story of what might have happened.

This will be my last FREE sample of “The Forgotten” before I switch my weekly samples to Mysteries of the Dead Sea Scrolls – Revealed.

Episode 8 David Gray to the Rescue

Gray gently closed the door to Gautier’s office and walked over to the elevator to press the down button. Thoughts blazed through his mind, creating his to-do list. But first thing’s first – as soon as he was out of the building, he needed to call Ari. The rest could wait.

As he descended in the elevator, he dialed Ari’s number, holding his mobile phone and waiting to clear the ground floor of Interpol. As soon as he was in the clear, he hit send to connect the call; he could hardly contain his excitement.

“Ari, it’s David… JACKPOT!”

“David, thank heavens. What did you find out?”
“I told you Jade sent me over to talk to the Director of Human Trafficking at Interpol. I think she might have ID’d your main suspect. If we can get to him, we might be able to find Renee.”

Ari stood on the bridge of the Sea Wolfe, making it’s way south in the Indian Ocean.
“Bless you, David. Where are you?”

“I am on my way to the airport in Lyon; I need to report back to the President in DC. By the way, how did you get her involved in your operation?”

“That wasn’t me; that was the Raven.”

Gray smiled. “I knew he couldn’t stay under the radar forever.”

“You knew he had a direct line to your wife?” Ari asked.

Gray laughed. “He’s not the first … unsavory character … to have made his way to Jade’s doorstep with important information. You know he helped with the operation against his brother. I came home to find him cooking in Jade’s kitchen. Nice guy, actually.”


“What? You’re surprised she befriended a guy like that and brought out the best in him?”

“Of course not,” Ari said laughing slightly. “I’m surprised he could find anything in her kitchen worth cooking!”

Gray felt his heart fill with Ari’s small bit of humor, thinking to himself. We’ve got some answers, another lead in case Renee isn’t in Zanzibar. Now Ari can breathe and do what he does best.

“I’ll be sure to tell her you were so astonished.”

The laughter from Ari ended abruptly. “You wouldn’t dare.”

It was Gray’s turn to laugh. “I swear, even if that woman weren’t the President of the United States, we’d both still be afraid of her.”

Ari nodded solemnly but not without mirth on his end of the line. “So tell me more about the good news?”

“I think we have located the African connection to the trafficking business; a guy called Tippu Tip out of Zanzibar runs it. He’s going to meet his lieutenants in South Africa this week.”

Ari was silent, and Gray couldn’t tell whether it was static or Ari’s heavy breathing he heard.

“Ari, you still there?”

Ari’s voice had changed, even the hint of light-hearted banter gone. “That name ties in with our intel here. David, I need your help. I have to mount an operation here to check out Gareth’s lead on Renee. If she has been taken to Zanzibar, I don’t want to fail her again.

But if we’re wrong … We need to follow your lead, as well. Could you see what is going on in South Africa at the meeting? Handle it? I’ll ask Stangl to send a team and resources to meet you there.”

“Ari, that is one heck of a request, but you know I’ve got your back. I’ll get Jade to authorize a new flight plan; I’m in a USAF C-32 and can’t change the Captain’s orders.”

Gray could hear some background noise and voices talking. After a short delay, Ari returned to the phone.
“David, you’re cleared to fly down to Hoedspruit. Stangl has Jade’s private cell phone number, and she just authorized it while we were talking.”

“Did she now?” Gray said, “Well that simplifies things, I guess.”

Ari smiled. “She said to tell you to watch your back since I won’t be there to keep you out of trouble.”

Gray exploded with laughter. “She did not. More likely she told you to send her love and kisses and you’re too chicken to pass on her real message.”

Ari chuckled. It felt good to be in action and think maybe they had a better shot at Tippu Tip with the new information. “I confess. I am not man enough to follow through on her request, but this is me to you – watch your six … honey.”

Before Gray could come up with a suitable retort, Ari was back to business. “Stangl is sending a team to meet you there. Their ETA is 18 hours. Good luck.”

“Take care, brother.” Gray bit off any other response. He’d be sure to let Ari know later – when they were all safely home having a beer in Ari’s kitchen – that he had just ruined a rendezvous with Jade at Blair House.

If they were all safe at home … Somewhere out there, sweet little Renee was alone and scared. Gray would do anything for Ari or Jade, but in this case, anything he did, he’d be doing for Renee.


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