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Favorite Author Daniel Silva’s novels Feature Ari Shamron as the legendary Israeli spymaster.

His “Go To Guy” Gabriel Allon is the reluctant hero. A gifted artist, restorer, an assassin and spy….. I think I started reading Daniel Silva as I ran out of Ian Fleming’s works.

In my Ari Cohen series, I have a similarly gifted assassin and “Go To Guy” for a secret organization, created by the founding fathers, named “The Eyes of Athena”.

I will resume sending out morsels of that series shortly. But in the meantime would appreciate any feedback you have about my Ari Cohen character. Feel free to pontificate in the comments below. Do you see any similarities with Gabriel Allon?

As you know I have been sending free samples of The Forgotten by Spencer Hawke to raise awareness of this terrible blight of Child Exploitation and to raise money for worthy causes. But next week, while my crusade to help will continue, I will talk about another one of my Best Books and a Great New Read.

“Mystery of the Dead Sea Scrolls – Revealed” by Spencer Hawke.

Two of the Biggest Mysteries of Biblical History have always fascinated me.For your reading pleasure I present,

“Mysteries of the Dead Sea Scrolls – Revealed”

A fictional story of what might have happened.

Read This Before You Buy Your Next Book!

Lazarus was still very uncertain. "But....Who are you?"

Gavrel was not too sure how to answer this question. He was here because an old stranger had set him on a path toward his destiny. That man had said he was the “teacher, “so he guessed he had better start using that name.

"I am the 'Teacher.’"
"The Teacher of Righteousness?”
Lazarus smiled now, as if that short name had explained everything. "I had a vision that I would meet you and you would explain my destiny, but I had nearly given up on you. Is He still looking out for us?"

This was all new to Gavrel, as well, but the answer became obvious to him. "Lazarus of the Four Days, why do you think His son brought you back from the dead four days after you had been in your burial chamber?"

Gavrel looked at Lazarus, waiting for an answer. After a slight pause, when he realized he was not going to get one, he continued, "You have a mission to fulfill. I have been sent to help you get to Cypress. The Lord has chosen you to take Moses' Torah to a safe place in Salamis. You and Barnabus will continue to Kition to build a place of worship.

“Your destiny,” he continued, “is to take the Book of God's Holy Words to Kition and hide it in the vault that Barnabus will build in the Temple under the Moses seat."



As darkness descended over Mount Cassius, Gavrel, Lazarus and Barnabus were seated around the campfire getting to know one another. Lazarus and Barnabus welcomed a share of Gavrel's ample provisions, as they were getting a bit low.

The last rays of sunlight fell beneath the horizon, and the cloudless sky began to fill with stars, first one or two more prominently, and then a symphony of magic appeared above them. The campfire was glowing on their faces when Gavrel decided it was time to get serious and see what plans the two friends had to get out of Seulecia.

To his surprise, Lazarus beat him to the punch, "Why do we need to move Moses' Torah? It has been stored for hundreds of years safely in Jerusalem."

"It has been foretold that Judea will be plundered once again. Jerusalem will fall, and for the second time, it will be laid utterly to waste, until there is no one left for the soldiers to kill or plunder."

Lazarus and Barnabus stared, incredulous; they shared looks of utter horror at the pure atrocity of anyone wanting to destroy all this history. Still, Lazarus was not convinced.

"Are you sure?" he asked, not wanting to believe it. "Who would do such a thing?”

"The Romans," Gavrel said sadly.

"But why?" Lazarus asked. He still couldn't believe that such cruelty existed.

"Rome will struggle for years to control the Jewish people and force them to obey the orders of their ruler. Instead, they will find only rebellion,” Gavrel explained. “A general will be sent to quell the rebellion, but his eyes will be on the emperor’s seat.

“Rome will call for all Jews to worship their Caesar as a god, but the Jewish people will refuse, clinging to the one true God and knowing it is

A sacrilege to worship any other.

“The power-hungry general will turn his attention to the gold treasures of the Temple Mount,” Gavrel continued, “and the destruction of all the Jews hold sacred – seeking to kill their spirit. Those who do not bow to the emperor will die.”

There was total silence among the three new friends. "My destiny was foretold; it is to safeguard your passage to Cypress with the Torah,” the young scribe said. “Then I must return to Jerusalem to prepare the way for the chosen one who will hide all of the remaining ancient writings from the Romans."

He looked at the moon. "Now it is time to make our sleeping arrangements."

Gavrel was feeling uneasy and decided it would be wise to hide their actual sleeping location away from the campfire. He would lay out false pallets to confuse any attackers and then select a place to lay their actual sleeping mats very carefully. After much effort, he found a site that had thorn bushes on three sides, leaving only one approach for any thieves or murderers that might happen upon them.

He returned to the campfire, hitched two donkeys close by and laid out bedrolls full of cut branches. He took two other donkeys with him to the more secure location and hobbled and muzzled them after allowing them to graze for their dinner. Their evening prayers and studies complete, the three lay down close to Gavrel's precious cargo.

He warned his friends, "If you hear any disturbances while we sleep, stay put. I do not want to kill you by accident."

Later that night, Gavrel heard a commotion close to the campfire. He got up from his bedroll and crept over to the bushes overlooking the campfire to see two Roman deserters pummeling his fireside bedroll. He casually sidled closer, and as he got close enough to be able to confront them, he said facetiously, "Can I help you find something?"

The Romans looked up at Gavrel, shocked to see someone approaching them, then they looked at each other and back down at the bedroll. One of them gingerly toed back the blanket to see what was inside. When they discovered it was tree branches that they had been beating, the first Roman turned to his friend, "He tricked us."

The second Roman nodded his head in agreement, then in unison they moved menacingly closer to Gavrel, swords held high. As they got within striking distance, the thugs drew their swords back even further and higher to get more leverage. That was all Gavrel needed to see; he leapt into the air toward them, left leg coiled like a spring. As he came down, he released his left leg in a vicious kick to the first Roman's stomach. The man shot backward, gasping for air and bewildered.

The second Roman looked at his friend, then at Gavrel. He opened his mouth, full of black, rotten, broken teeth. He started to swing his sword, a vicious snarl on his face, shouting profanities, but before he could complete half his swing, Gavrel struck. He swung around to his right and launched his right hand open like a crab to grab his opponent’s trachea between his thumb and four fingers, then squeezed. The thug dropped his sword and clawed at the clamp-like fingers, unable to breathe; he died and dropped to the ground.

Gavrel swiveled back to the first attacker, who was by now sitting up. He walked over to the man, put his knee into the thug’s back and secured his right arm around the ruffian’s neck. He pressed forward with his left arm, very angry and using too much pressure, "Why did you attack me? Who sent you?"

The Roman did not answer, and Gavrel continued the sideways and forward pressure, only to hear the thug’s vertebrae crack. He released his grip too late.

Lazarus and Barnabus had heard the ruckus. Curious, they came up to see what was happening. "Is it safe for us to come out now?"

Gavrel did not want anyone to see the violence of the confrontation. "Go back to bed; we will talk in the morning."

He sat down, trying to get his adrenalin back to a normal level, and brewed some sweet tea. Then Gavrel tied a rope around the neck of each dead Roman and hitched them to a donkey. He pulled them a good distance from the camp and released the rope.

He had no sympathy for these unruly heathens, but for their souls he had compassion. After releasing their bodies a sufficient distance from their camp, he prayed for them. "May God rest your rotten souls, and I hope you provide a feast for the wild animals."

It was not a prayer he was proud of, Gavrel thought, but for these heathens it would do. After saying these few words, he moved slowly back to camp. If these ruffians had gotten this close to Lazarus and Barnabus, it meant the word was out and others would follow. The bounty on their heads must have been sufficient to even entice renegade Roman soldiers to hunt them.

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