Slavery – Renee into the Caves of Armageddon


Slavery is Rarely in the Headlines

Donald Trump and Bill Cosby still making headlines, while Greece goes bust and delegates at the United Nations sip their Martinis and Margarita’s. Great White Sharks feast off the coast of Maine. These are the headlines this week. But not a word about the world’s youngest human trafficking victims, who are sold for their organs or into prostitution.

 This week, Episode 5 of the “The Forgotten by Spencer Hawke”

"Slavery memorial - Stone Town-1" by David Berkowitz - Licensed under CC BY 2.0 via Commons -




Details Renee’s struggle after she wakes up in a strange boat shortly after being kidnapped and perhaps abused by Child Traffickers.


Tells the story of our victim Renee as she is lead into an
underground cave in Marseilles before she is shipped off to an auction, in parts unknown.


This week’s segment is the terrible moment when the dhow carrying Renee away across the oceans, finally docks in Zanzibar.

Episode Four, The Slave Tunnels of

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Episode 5, Renee Taken into the Caves

The floor of the tunnel had been rubbed smooth by the countless other feet that had preceded her. The ceiling hung low, forcing her guard to crouch. Despite her diminutive size, she also leaned forward as she stumbled on. The only light came from a kerosene lamp the guard carried, casting dark shadows on the floor in front of them.

She tried to look over her shoulder at the jailer behind her, but was afraid to turn too far toward him. He looked more like a monster than anything she had ever seen. She was convinced there was not an ounce of humanity in his soul. She thought he looked Arabic with a hooked nose and dark complexion. One ear appeared to have been sliced off vertically. On what remained of his ear, he wore a large, gold, hoop earring, pinned unnaturally almost to the inner part because of the missing lobe. It added to his ghoulish appearance.

He shoved both girls forward without a word. The smile had been replaced by a smirk equally as evil. Renee had neither the power nor the will to resist. She stumbled forward, not knowing where she found the strength to continue. The guard pushed her toward an old, heavy oak door to one side of the tunnel, which swung open on rusted hinges. As she pushed the door further open, it creaked noisily. The girl beside her continued through the door, mounted the few steps just inside and was immediately pushed down onto a three-legged stool as the guard held Renee by the arm beside him.

Renee tried desperately to see what was happening to the girl – what would happen to her. As she crooked her head around her guard’s massive side, his face was suddenly even with hers – dark, cold eyes inches from her own. “Do not move.”

He turned back to the zombie-like girl on the stool. She stared straight ahead as he moved to her side, grabbed hold of her right arm and secured it under his arm pit. As he did so, Renee heard a voice from behind his gigantic form in front of her.

“Hold her tight,” the stranger said in a very matter-of-fact tone. As the guard readjusted his grip, Renee thought she caught a glimpse of a filthy white lab coat covered in blood stains. All she could see was the girl, her arm disappearing into the guard’s form.

She jumped when the silent child cried out, “Ow!”


The Forgotten by Spencer Hawke (Now also available in Large Font for the Visually Impaired). A book that has, as it’s central theme a story about a victim caught in the child/sex/organ trafficking trade. It is difficult to write in a PG 13 mode. But the story MUST be told, until the problem is eradicated. (The previous link is an excellent article).

Although it is difficult to be heard above the political season ramblings of Jeb Bush and Hillary Clinton I hope the voices of the world’s youngest victims will be ignored no longer.

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