Donald Trump and Donald Duck

A Legacy

Wikipedia explains Legacy in this manner. “In property law, a legacy is a testamentary gift of property after death.”

Gifts are not always real properties, sometimes they can be different and more valuable.

Four years ago, without ever expressing any interest before, I sat down with my trusty iPad and started writing a book, “The Arrows of Islam“. The subject of my first book was an offshoot of all the difficulties our founding fathers had trying to form a country where every man’s freedom was a God Given Right.

At that time, the King of England, George lll was a classic case of a monarch who had a message that his overseas constituents didn’t want to hear.

For some reason, (and I do realize that this admission means I am obviously mentally challenged) I started another book mid way through my first unfinished title. The second book was to be titled, “Mystery of the Dead Sea Scrolls – Revealed“.

To understand my own surprise, I have to admit to you that I flunked English in my sophomore year at college. If I remember correctly, (which you should question!) my professor wrote on my evaluation at the end of the year:

“This student has great difficulty constructing a sentence, let alone a paragraph. Perhaps if he would leave the local tavern before midnight he might be able to get to class on time and perhaps learn the basics of the English language.”

I have always been an arrogant so and so. My grade the next year was no better. I couldn’t help inform the same professor, on the very first day of class, (I had to retake it with HIM), that I speak the Queen’s English. While he spoke some cursed version of a language whose parentage I couldn’t guess. I further berated him with some witless comparison of my beer guzzling habits and Ernest Hemingway, who appeared to have never met a cocktail he didn’t like.

I wasn’t aware that insanity ran through my blood. My siblings and parents were quite sane and successful, the only logical solution, I was endowed with all the crazy genes that had skipped the last two or more generations.

Back to the book, “Mystery of the Dead Sea Scrolls-Revealed” I have never been to Israel, though I would like to. I had no idea where Qumran was or is, nor had I expressed any interest in ancient Judaean History before. Now to the point of this Blog. After I had self published these manuscripts, I was talked into recording Audiobook versions through ACX and, all affiliates of

Some time after I had completed this life altering experience, I told my daughter about my work with Audiobooks. After a few moments to digest her surprise, she responded with the most life altering statement I have ever heard,

“Well Dad, that’s kind of a GREAT LEGACY.” Talk about blow me away.

Having completed 7 audiobooks now, and having learned much about this industry the hard way, I have a lot to offer, a lot of experience. My first thought was that this would only be interesting to budding authors, those timid souls taking their first step towards literary fame or taking a giant step towards the literary GOLDMINE of audiobooks.

On reflection, I realized that it is not only authors that would benefit from this, but Moms and Dads, Grandparents, children recording their first musical rehearsal, their first recital. A Mom recording the first sounds of a diaper change. So many memories can be recorded, kept for special moments. How about Grandparents? Don’t you have a message you want to leave to your family? Don’t you wish you had recorded those special moments?

Video, you say. Yeah right, Okay, I’m a new Mom, just finished breast feeding, I want a video? Get real Dude! Audio is the next big entertainment media.

Donald Duck and Donald Trump? If you can’t find anything noteworthy in their legacies, you are not looking hard enough.

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  1. Jenny says:

    Excellent — absolutely well written!!

  2. Teresa Stanfield says:

    Very impressive.

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