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A Writer’s Journey!

For those of you who have recently joined my Reader’s Group, I send a weekly email trying to answer the question,

“Who is Spencer Hawke”.

A Writer’s Journey is my story. You are welcome to write me if you have questions here. Last week I left you at the beginning of my journey through the Sahara Desert. Towards the end of that email I asked you whether you knew that there were crocodiles in the Deserts of North Africa in ancient times. To Explain…..

Four years ago, without ever expressing any interest before, I sat down with my trusty iPad and started writing a book. The subject of my first book was an offshoot of all the difficulties our founding fathers had trying to form a country where every man’s freedom was a God Given Right.

At that time, the King of England, George lll was a classic case of a monarch who had a message that his overseas constituents didn’t want to hear.

For some reason, and I do realize that it means I am obviously mentally challenged, I started another book mid way through my first unfinished title now called the Arrows of Islam. The second book, Mystery of the Dead Sea Scrolls – Revealed.

To understand the irrationality of the situation, I have to tell you that I flunked English in my sophomore year at college. If I remember correctly, (which you should question!) my professor wrote on my evaluation at the end of the year

“That this student has great difficulty constructing a sentence, let alone a paragraph. Perhaps if he would leave the local Tavern before midnight he might be able to get to class on time and learn the basics of the English language.”

A little cruel don’t you think!

I have always been an arrogant so and so. My grade the next year was no better. I couldn’t help inform the same professor, on the very first day of class, (I had to retake it with HIM), that I speak the Queen’s English. While he spoke some cursed version of a language whose parentage I couldn’t guess. I further berated him with some witless comparison of my beer guzzling habits and Ernest Hemingway, who appeared to have never met a cocktail he didn’t like.

I wasn’t aware that insanity ran through my blood. My siblings and parents were quite sane and successful, the only logical solution, I was endowed with all the crazy genes that had skipped the last two or more generations.

Now to the point of this email. Whilst I was researching content for my book, “Mystery of the Dead Sea Scrolls – Revealed” I found some articles about ancient drawings on cave walls that had been found in North Africa Deserts. Below is an extract from Mystery of the Dead Sea Scrolls that details some of these finds.

Negev Desert AD 69

“Thanoon walked toward the cave slowly, almost reverently, and peered at the entrance. He could see that the cave was deep and went further than the light would let him examine.

“I will need a lamp,” he said aloud to himself, heading back to his supplies to get an oil lantern. As he approached the entrance to the cave from outside again, it narrowed immediately so only one man or camel could pass at a time. When he entered, strange shadows appeared, projected by his lamp, making things eerie.

The entrance curved sharply, before opening into a larger passageway. Thanoon was a man of the open desert, and confined, dark places where his vision was impaired scared him. Before he went any further, he knelt to the ground to see if he could recognize any tracks or droppings. He crawled around, examining the ground.

“Hmmmm. A gazelle and a large cat – probably a Caracal – maybe some jackals. I had better be armed before I go further,” he said.

Thanoon went back to his camel to get his sword and a lance to probe in front of him in case a large cat surprised him.

Back in the cave, he first inspected the entrance from the inside, and it looked like someone had spent a lot of time modifying the cave to protect the inhabitants from intruders. A large recess had been cut into the upper side that still housed enough big, heavy rocks to close off the opening. The rocks were still there, and it looked like one log-shaped rock at the bottom of the pile was securing all of them. If that was pulled, the pile of rocks would be released, closing the entrance off from the world outside.

Overhead, a thin furrow had been cut or chiseled, as if designed so someone could wedge in animal skins to close off the inhabitants from the night. Thanoon started to explore, and found an oasis of treasures. On the walls were not only engravings of hippo, giraffe, elephants, and lions, but also some long-horned, cow-like animal he had never seen before as well as what he thought was a crocodile. He thought to himself, what are etchings of reptilian crocodiles – which he had only seen in drawings on his travels – doing in the middle of the desert?

The ceilings of the cave were covered in dark charcoal residual, indicating years of habitation. A natural spring fed a small rock pool with fresh water. He continued to explore, re-creating the layout of the ancient residents. A stable was located to the rear to store fodder and dried animal dung for the fire. From the fresh water that dripped into a pool at the front of the cave, a small trench had been dug to provide water to the living area.

Closer to the middle of the cave was a tunnel large enough for a camel to pass through that led up an incline to a dry storage area. The living quarters were closer to the front, still far enough back from the entrance so a fire could not be seen from the outside. The walls were covered with paintings of animals and people. A river was etched on the wall, as well as thick vegetation.

He started to clean out centuries of residue from the pool to discover an ancient sluice gate made out of rock. When elevated, it allowed water to flow down a small canal to the trench in the stable area. After seeing the size of the internal cave, Thanoon decided to go back outside to get his camels and hide them from any people that might pass by.

As he led his camels into the hidden lair, he marveled at the majesty of it all. He was absolutely taken aback. He realized that all the drawings on the walls meant this cave was inhabited thousands of years ago when the desert must have been home to much more water and different plants and animals. A paradise none of his people had ever seen.”

A long way around to share with you what North Africa must have looked like thousands of years ago. If you would like to read more there is a link below. ( Available in Portuguese)


Feel free to share. Your friends and family can download a FREE copy of Part 1 of The Arrows of Islam, here.

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