Facebook Spencer Hawke Reader’s Group Survey Results

Facebook Spencer Hawke Reader’s Group Survey Results are in.

It’s the weekend, hence the image below, time to reflect, rest and contemplate. I thought you might like to learn the results of the survey so far. Apparently 83% of my reader’s are men, only 17% women. Boy does that surprise me! I made the hero of the series, Ari Cohen, a real sensitive guy, after all he plays a violin!

Monkey Resting

55% of my reader’s are between 45 and 65, 40% over 65%. 70% Live in the US, 20% in the UK, the balance spread out between Australia and South Africa.

Most of you (45%) learned about Spencer Hawke through Facebook Ads, 30% through Amazon also bought and 6% through social sharing from friends or readers clubs.

Most of you were attracted to the Ari Cohen Series by the storyline, 47%, 30% after a Free Look and 12% from reading the reviews.

The Arrows of Islam is by far the most popular read at 75%. perhaps that is because it is the first book in the series. The Swiss Conspiracy came in 2nd (The second book in the series) and The Forgotten came in 3rd.

Mystery of the Dead Sea Scrolls-Revealed, probably because I have been too busy to promote it. It was the least read, though the version in Portuguese was more popular than the English version! Go figure!!!

83% of you want to hear from me from at least once a month, many of you weekly. I would like to know if any of you enjoyed the posts I emailed titled, “A Writer’s Journey“.. Please email me your opinions as to whether I should continue the series detailing a young man’s adventures traveling through Africa.

53% of you read on a Kindle, 23% on an Apple device, 12% enjoy reading a print version.

The most special of all, the comments i received.

“Keep up the good work.”

“Great writing, Can’t wait for the next in the series.”

I didn’t have one negative comment, which was very special…

I am working now on the sequel to “The Forgotten by Spencer Hawke” (I put my name in there because if you want to read it, there are so many books with the title “The Forgotten” I thought I would simplify it for you in the event you do a copy and paste search on Amazon or iBooks).

One last thing. As you probably know, It is critically important to get reviews on new books as soon as they launch. You probably weigh reviews highly when making a decision whether to try a new author or not.

Last year I set up a Spencer Hawke pre-release reader’s team. The purpose was two-fold:

To reward my existing readers for their loyalty
To get pre-release reviews that would aid my new book releases.

Reviews help drive early sales and quite often help new readers decide whether to give an author a read or not. This in turn, means that Amazon takes notice and starts to market on my behalf. And no one markets books better than Amazon!!!

In order to make that happen I have a team of Advance Readers.

It’s pretty simple and is, I hope, good fun. It involves them being sent a copy of whatever book I’ve just finished and then, when it is published, firing up a quick and honest review.

Simple as that. Some members of the team have picked up errors that I’ve been able to correct and others have suggested changes to the plot that I have incorporated. If yo would like to be a part of my team please fire an email to me with your email address just write Pre-Release Reader’s Team in the subject line.

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Feel free to share. Your friends and family can download a FREE copy of Part 1 of The Arrows of Islam, here.

Thank you for joining our Readers Group!






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