The Liberty Bell and the Magna Carta

In 1752 A Struggling Nation Ordered Not
just a Bell but
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From where you ask? From a company in London, England, named Lester and Pack.

Do you know what is inscribed on the Bell?

Do you know how many Bells were cast?

Do you know why the Liberty Bell became a Symbol of Hope?

Do you know who cast the Bell that is now known as the Liberty Bell?

The State House of Philadelphia

What does that have to do with the History of the Bell?

A quick trip and booking a hotel near the Liberty Bell is not enough. We need to teach our children about Liberty.

If we don’t teach them about LibertyThe Journey of the Bell by Spencer Hawke

How will they know when to sound the watch bell?

Will they recognize when our freedoms are being threatened?….

Now to the Magna Carta (Great Charter in Latin. Hey it was 1215!!)

On June 15th, 1215, a charter was agreed upon by King John of England at Runnymede, near the Town of Windsor, England. The purpose?

To limit the Divine Right of Kings and Assert the God Given Rights of every Human Being. Now to the Declaration of Independence

To what purpose did our Founding Father’s write and sign the Declaration?

 To limit the Divine Right of Kings and Assert the God Given Rights of every Human Being.

Hence the similarities that Unite us.

One Nation under God…. But only for as long as we teach our children the meaning of freedom and God.

To download a free ebook is not enough. We must lead our children to the truth. That is what parents do. If we don’t, how will the next generation know when their freedoms are being threatened.

So…… what do we do?

Remember bed time stories? We need to talk about freedom, how it isn’t free. We must all become story tellers

Remember Dinner Conversations? We used to have them…..

We need to talk about the “Journey of the Bell” our Journey to Freedom. 

Have a family dinner at home, switch off all electronics, ask them a question.

“If you were President of the United States of America what would you do?” Then listen, you’ll be surprised by what you hear. It will make them DREAM big. Suddenly that little voice will tell your children or friends, “I could be the President of the United States.”

Or “What have you learned about the Liberty Bell in school?” We must engage our kids, our friends. It is OUR country.

 Those Who Fail to Learn from History are Doomed to Repeat it. (Santayana and Winston Churchill)

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