Why Me?

The Mystery of the Dead Sea Scrolls 

I have made every mistake in the book.

Despite All of My Failings that Little Voice Kept Calling.

Why? I ask myself would I write a story about the Qumran Caves, the Dead Sea Scrolls, the Siege of Jerusalem and the Destruction of the Temple?

I have never been to the Dead Sea Scrolls Museum.

I am no scholar of religious studies.
The Book of Isaiah? The what?
Why oh why, I ask myself would I try to write a book?
I am a sinner. I only pray when I need something, surely that selfishness qualifies me for purgatory.

But Night After Night I Would Have the Same Dream.

Why? I cried out in my dreams. I know nothing about the Religion of Islam, the Muslim Faith, Christian History perhaps a little.
My favorite authors are Louis L’Amour and Clive Cussler, not Mathew, Mark, Luke or John.

But in spite of this the Dreams Continued.

My Dreams would tell a story of the Dead Sea Scrolls in the Caves of Qumran. The what? I say in my dreamy state.

The Negev Desert, you know as in Judea, Caesarea….

The Vision

A story about the discovery of the Dead Sea Scrolls? I ask. No came the resounding answer. A story about the years after Jesus died. A story about how the scrolls were hidden in the Caves of Qumran near the Dead Sea. A story that all can understand, not a scholarly thesis. (Thank Heavens for that, I say to myself!)

But Why me?

I have never even written a book. But I could resist the calling, the urge, no more. I sat down in a very comfy chair in my office, switched on my iPad and started to tap. I am a two digit plucker. But still I punched away on my digital keyboard.

A Bedouin as my Hero?

As I started writing I realized that the voice wanted me to pick the hero of this very Jewish story. A simple Bedouin boy who would rise up to be a Scribe, chosen by God to save the sacred history and scrolls of His Chosen people.

Are you kidding me?

Now you want me to profile a very controversial hero?
Please, I told the voice “I am not up to this”. But, but. My procrastination got me nowhere……. I would still wake up at three AM, every single morning, with ideas for the next Chapter.

The Message

Slowly, very slowly as my chapters turned into a manuscript, the answer came to me.

There was a message and I had been chosen for a reason.

The Message is one of Inclusion. We are all Loved. All of us have a Special Place in HIS Heart

Spencer Hawke is the Author of Mystery of the Dead Sea Scrolls – Revealed.


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