There was a Crooked Man

New York Times August 25th, 2015 Review,

“There was a Crooked Man”

A Movie starring Kirk Douglas.

Reading that headline reminded me of Hillary Clinton’s Email scandal, the Iranian Nuke deal, and Washington D.C politics in general.

But Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders are still ranking in the polls,
perhaps change is in the air. But one thing has been Forgotten…

A spoiled teenager taken to Paris by her parents to escape the influence of her friends at home.
Whilst shopping in an outside market a hand grabs her arm and pulls her into a world she never knew existed.

That’s Right ‘The World’s Youngest Victims of a Politically Insensitive Catastrophe”.
Perhaps that is why the founding Father’s created “The Eyes of Athena” as in “The Arrows of Islam” by Spencer Hawke.

More on that later. But for now….

Episode 6


The Forgotten


The guard released her arm for a moment, and when she withdrew it, she rubbed at her bleeding finger. After a few moments, the voice in the darkness beyond the guard said, “Type AB, good. Mahrook, take her to the room.”

Her captor had a name now, and the knowledge sent a chill down her image3spine. She gallery-thumbnails.php-2thought to run back the way they had come – back through the still open doorway – but was totally blindsided when she felt Mahrook’s grip on her shoulder. She had not seen him turn.

As he did, Renee could see the table of needles and vials of blood. Beyond was a door open on a makeshift cavern clinic visible because of its light against the dark vault in which they now stood. The beds all held small forms. The man in the lab coat was dragging the small girl through the door.
“Take her. See that she is prepared.” Renee did not know what he meant, but she felt terror for the child. Then she realized the man in the coat was back in the chamber and she was the girl on the stool.

She bit the hand on her shoulder and ran toward the open doorway. As she reached the first step, she felt Mahrook’s huge palm around the back of her neck. He yanked her backward forcefully and slammed her against the rock wall.

As her consciousness faded, she heard the man in the lab coat speak. “I can see why they sent her to Stone Town, but she is far too pretty for the knife. We will try the whip first – teach her to be a good little girl.”


Much later, Renee woke with a crashing headache. She opened her eyes gingerly, trying to get her bearings. She quickly realized she was being carried deeper into the underground. A chill ran down her spine and she felt the cool sweaty skin of the person carrying her, his bare shoulders and reeking body odor repugnant to her.

Gradually her eyes grew accustomed to the darkness. Something was swinging in front of her face. It gleamed brightly whenever a haze of light shone on it from the lantern in his hand – a large, gold earring, hanging from the grotesquely distorted ear of Mahrook.

stone_town_slave_chamber_1-e1440530625692Her terror suddenly overwhelmed her and she screamed, the sound barely audible from her parched throat, and without a word Mahrook laid her on the stone floor.

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  1. Heather cooper says:

    Thoroughly enjoying the Ari Cohen books. Well written, researched, and believable. Content informative, and current, so learning about a world we know is there, people protecting us but we will never know who they are. They live in a dangerous world filled with dangerous people, and again we can’t say thank you.

    1. Spencer says:

      Thank you Heather, what a great observation.

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